News on payments on iPhone/Android

Hi All,
I just wanted to get you know we have the best program right now for inspectors to take payments right on their smart phone.

Start taking secure creit card transactions right on you android or iPhone.

          1.10% for Visa and MasterCard
          No set upfees 
          Free swipe bar

It’s very easy to get set up and quickly get payments o your phone. We also have free wireless and base terminals
Please call me or email me with any questions. /
212.889.1800 ext 211
Stacey Joseph

What are the monthly fees?

I currently use Square, and I am very satisfied with it, however, your transaction fees have intrigued me.

If you’re willing to answer questions on this open forum, I may be inclined to give it a try. If I must call or email, I will be left to wonder what you may be hiding.

Are all CC’s accepted with your system?
Do the rates vary by CC?
Are there additional fees - i.e., monthly fees, non-swipe fees, recurring fees, etc.?

Why is this not considered spam?

Yes they do have monthly fees… and their reps/sales people conveniently forget to tell you that when you sign up for their merchant accounts, you are locked in a 3 year contract. A minimum $295 fee to cancel that contract.


This SEO juicer needs to get more better engrish and glammer if they want to pitch their product.