Mock Home Inspection

Hi every member
Could any one assist me for my ist Mock Inspection?
I am even ready to pay suitably for that one.

s maangat
Internachi Id #12071103

what kind of help do u need?

Do a mock on your own home or a relatives. Easy and doesn’t cost anything.

Where are you? You can inspect my house for free :slight_smile:

For my mock inspections I inspected
My house
My Mothers house
My Brothers house
A Vacant house down the street

For all we know he might live in India or Pakistan.

I need my rental houses. when I was first starting out, a realtor asked me to do one on a spec house so she could see my report. I still wonder if she ever even looked at it. :slight_smile:

A great suggestion - however - how does one know if they are performing to the SOP?

Feedback is important by an inspector that can provide constructive opinion based on the inspection process and inspection report.

You turn in the mock inspections to Nachi for review. They tell you if you jacked it up or did substantial well.

I’m also doing some mock inspections and I’m wondering what software do you suggest

Try the free trials on all that you can. After you do that, make your own decision on what you like best.

My question to anyone out there is about the four mock inspections that are required… do we create and submit all four mock inspection reports simultaneous, or one by one as they are created over a period of time ? This is not clear to me, if you know the correct answer please share. Thanks RDS.

Randy I submitted the first two one at a time and waited for the feedback to see how my results came out. Came back good so the next ones went in all at the same time. I also did the same thing for the course I did here in Canada. You don’t want to submit all at the same time because if you mess them up you will be redoing all of them again.

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Does anyone know how long it takes to review? Its been 4 days and I haven’t heard anything. I’m sure it was not a perfect inspection, and Id like to know areas I need to work on before I submit the others.

Travis I don’t recall hearing from anyone when I submitted my mock inspections. Just keep moving forward with all of your mock inspections to complete your CPI.


Why not post you mock inspections here for help on areas to work on? Most of the members have been in this business for many years and can offer some friendly advice.


Thank you for the response, I will carry on and get them done. I watched a video of Ben doing an inspection and have a better understanding of how to do them now.

Travis there’s a few inspection videos on InterNACHI’s YouTube channel. Try to watch as many as you can. Watch them again until you are completely familiar with what you need to inspect and what you do not need to inspect.