4-Mock inspections

Working members who have yet to perform any fee-paid inspections must submit 4 mock inspection reports to the Report Review Committee before performing any fee-paid inspections. A mock inspection is an inspection on performed for no fee. It can be performed on the member’s own home, a friend’s home, a family member’s home, another inspector’s home, or at a **NACHI sponsored mock inspection.](http://www.nachi.org/events.htm)* This is a membership requirement](http://www.nachi.org/membership.htm) for members who have never done a fee-paid inspection. ITA provides free mock inspection reporting forms for NACHI members at *http://www.nachi.org/parallel.htm](http://www.nachi.org/parallel.htm)

I understand the 4-mock inspections required by NACHI noted above.

My question is …after I have completed the 4-mock inspections and have the approval from the report review committee will I then be able to perform home inspections on my own or do I need someone (NACHI, veteran HI) to sign off on my reports? I am from PA. (of course a newbie!:shock: ) have yet to have performed a fee-paid inspection:( .
I was informed by AHIT during my certification process that NACHI would sign off on my first 100 fee-paid inspections. Is this true?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Jeff Jordan
Rest Easy Home Inspections

Hi Jeff,

just send your reports in a PDF file via email, there is no need to have them “signed off”.

I’m Half In The Same Boat And Have Wondered Too. I’ve Done 20+ Inspections Before Joining Nachi In December, Put Them All In A File Or Download Them As I Go, Also ,what Kind Of Time Frame Are We Expected To Complete 100 Hi’s

Hi Greg,

I don’t think there is a “time frame” for 100 HI’s. However, there is a section in your members sign-in where you submit your reports for verification. Does that help?

Registered Reports

NACHI requires that all “full” members must have performed or participated in more than 100 home inspections. To verify this requirement, NACHI requires that you list 100 home inspections for verification. Once you list 100 addresses NACHI will request a sampling of reports (at least 25) for further verification. Please use the form below to list your inspections as you perform them. Be prepared to provide a paper/electronic copy of the report for any inspection listed.

Hi Greg,

Found it!
It indicates for full members who have performed or participated in more than 100 home inspections to list these addresses and submit 25 reports for verification.
I have not performed any fee-paid inspections yet, and have almost completed my 4-mock inspections.

Thanks for the quick response!

Jeff, Pennsylvania’s requirements may differ from those of Nachi.

I’m sure someone from your state will chime in.

You still have to “turn in” your 100 inspections as you go along…the 25 come much later…

In PA in order to fill out the PA compliance statement, you need to be a full member of a national association, otherwise you need to have another inspector sign off on all of your home inspection reports in PA.

Do a search for “Pennsylvania compliance”? Lots of interesting reading.

You also may want to look at the compliance statement which can be found on the PA realtors website or the PHIC website.

Let me know if there’s anything I can help with.

Thanks, everyone for your help, I appreciate it.

Hello, I am a new member and I downloaded the forms for mock inspections but I need to know about performing those.

Thanks Cam

I am new member and have completed all other requirements.Printed form for mock inspection,but dont understand how to proceed.