Mock Inspection Roof Valley question

Hello all, a newbie here just wrapping up my mock inspections. Encountered something on friends roof that I am uncertain of. I cannot determine if this is a woven valley, or if it is a proper install. It appears there is a cut right down the center of the valley? Also, if these are ridge Shingles they look a bit weaker than I’m use to seeing, could anyone confirm these are inface ridge shingles? Could someone with more experience chime in here and explain a little more what I am looking at and if this a proper installation. Thanks all in advance, I’m sure this will be the first of many questio


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Afternoon, Gerhardt.
First note the roof design. In your case 2 gable roofs.
One appears to be an upper across gable roof deck but I can not understand the transition in the upper photo. Is there a chimney protruding behind the valley transition in your upper photo?

The valleys are closed cut valleys. Likely galvanized steel sheet metal under the shingle.Not woven valleys.
Shingles. Architectural/Composition shingles. 2 strips of shingle mat as compared to one strip 3 tab shingle.

Lets await others to chime in.

Good Afternoon Robert, Thank you for the reply. This is a home originally built in the 1941 that has had two significant additions. There is a chimney behind the valley transition, pictured below, ponding evident on the sloppy flashing.

Valley transition behind the chimney.
In-front of the chimney should be a cricket flashing.
1: Try improper cricket flashing. 1-a: Poor slope. Suspect: Area can retain water.
Ponding water on a roof covering requires water to remain 48 hours on the surface of the roof.