I thought this was a non-moderated BB

I made a couple of post this morning under CMI applications and even quoted another person. My posts just magically disappeared guess someone did not agree with what I stated.

They are still there charlie.

Could these be the ones you are talking about. Cookie

I even replied to some of them. better check your antiviral software. you might have a bug.

Sorry guys must be something wrong on my end I saw Roy’s post and was able to see the replys but I am still not seeing it on the actual board. I just switched from dial up to Sat perhaps that is the problem. My smilies and spell check are also not working. Don’t have a clue as to what is happening.

I also checked my other computer as they are not networked together yet and my post were not visible from the other computer. If it operated on Freon I would know what to do???

Yep Reclame it

No moderation here, that’s why this place is so much fun!