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Post: The 15 everyone is talking about
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This is absolutely ridiculous.

No it’s not James, it is a members right to object and as a member we should respect his objection to this BS post. Joey has allways attempted to project the tough guy image on this MB and in doing so he has stepped on a lot of toes. Time for this crap to end.

I place the member’s right to post over the member’s desire to censor.

He can post his objection if he has one. Censorship is wrong. I don’t want to read a message board that has first been “purified” by Edwards or by anyone else.

I do not have a problem with your Opinion, that is your right in the member section

LOL, you don’t get it, do you?

The person who reported this post is not a moderator. Every member can report a post if they so choose. Same as always. Only difference is now the reported posts are in plain sight for all to see who reported it, why they reported it and what the post actually was.

Seems not too long ago you were in favor of transparency in NACHI operations. This is pretty darn transparent.

See, the problem is not with what you call “confessed psychotics with a God complex”.

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Are you now…Mr. Moderator…suggesting that my right to my opinion is limited to the “Members Section”.

You should reconsider your post and delete it before others read it. It reveals more than I think you would like for it to.

LOL no i will not delete it , I am glad you put it the members section so the public will not see how child like this can be . Now who wants censorship James you want me to delete my post I guess it shows what you really are like . One sided i think

It’s all typical Joey bs anyway. He wants his freedom of speech protected, I understand that. He posts alot of this junk, and that’s ok, that’s what he does.

If you are feeling like your rights are being violated, maybe you should think before you post. This was not moderated, as you are a member. How many posts is it going to take you people to understand that all members posts are going to be seen, not moderated in any shape or form. Reported by another member later maybe, but not before it gets out. No pre-approval, just post it.

Now, if you attack someones character or business personally in a public forum, they might be pissed and have a reason to be. But, this is a MB for cryin out loud. You are upset because a non-member can’t bash you or this org on this MB, I don’t get it?

I like a good argument as much as the next guy, but when it becomes personal, like these have in the past, this is not the place for that. Go to the guys house and smack him in the chin or something, then you can hug and make up afterwards.

Do I think this post should have been put here for review, probably not. But, we’ll have to see what the members say, now won’t we?

Grown men acting like kids.

Is this the right room for an argument? Glad I could make your day!

BTW How are the paper tyrants doin’ these days?

Sorry, I just couldn’t control myself, I was just havin’ far too much fun at the expense of the M-derators!

M-deration is a one-handed love affair with your ego, don’t get any on you. :wink:

Bring it on, Mr. Moderator… Hit me with your rhythm stick. Hit Me! Hit Me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mario, here is your chance to look tough, don’t blow it! :mrgreen:

This message board used to be devoted to sharing new thoughts and ideas…not censoring them.


Nothing joey said was either new or an idea, just the same old foul mouth stuff he is famous for.:roll:

Why are you discussing me like anyone here has any friggin’ power over what I do, and WTF is up with the blue hippo? You don’t like me, or what I have to say, too friggin’ bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

The blue hippo is for the other JB. oh…I do like you, just not what you say sometimes. How about a truce, no more digs or insults…well… unless you just have too. Sincerely, Kenny

OK, well at least until the next time. :mrgreen:

Awlrighty then! :cool:

I’ll keep an eye out for ya. :smiley: