Is it just my imagination...

…or is it a royal pain in the keister for a non-member expert to post on this site the last few months?

I wasn’t a member for several weeks and could only get 2 of 4 posts on the board–and it took hours for a post to show up. The other two post are out there in cyberspace scaring little children in their sleep, I suppose.

Non-members have to wait for a moderator to approve their post–or reject it. And it is a royal pain.

My post over the last week have taken at least 24 hrs. Only trying to answer questions concerning inspections that had not been answered. I’ve noticed many questions from inspectors concerning a problem they need help with are getting few, if any responses, and then 3 or 4 days later long after their reports are already written.

Not the same organization I joined a little over 2 yrs. ago. :shock:

Now someone is trying to be funny. 4/19/09 10:35 central time.


We are all doing our best to get posts approved. I wish you were a NACHI member brother we could have used you as a moderator! BTW Can you please remind me why you left NACHI?

Moderation to protect the feelings of a few is killing this board.

I personally don’t think it was the direction Nick wanted to go but was forced. I think that a lot of these threads were taken too far and wasn’t saying anything but basically the same thing post after post after post by the same people.

I personally like it.:slight_smile: A lot more professional.:smiley:

It doesn’t take much effort and money for that individual to solve the problem of delayed posts and it’s still more than what you get at A$hi and Nahi site.

Yep. This board has been an un-moderated board for years and it was fine.

Moderation of this board was a bad decision. For those moderators who have stepped up to the plate in order to be the message board police, Thanks for nothing.

Agree with David!

I didn’t see the need for moderation here like another inspection site where name calling is a regular event. I have seen questions posted that have had quite a delay in allowing a non-member responce.

I don’t know if there is a problem with the link to Chris M or what but I have asked about access several times and never received an answer either yay or nay. As a licensed electrician I do not meet the criteria for membership.

This message board…unmoderated…was the “cutting edge” of the industry.

No matter if it was good or bad, pretty or ugly…you could be assured that you were going to get it straight, fast and true on the NACHI message board. Tens of thousands flocked here.

Now…the board represents what a handful of others consider to be “appropriate”. There are hours…sometimes days…between posts in certain threads, unless they attack the president or someone’s religious beliefs.

I only stop by for a few minutes at a time, any more, myself. It is really sad…like walking through your old neighborhood where you grew up and enjoyed life and finding tumbleweed blowing through the streets.

Let’s get it back to what made it the most watched message board in the industry. Stop this moderation nonsense.

I think that sums it very well James. . .

Ditto to Jeff.

I didn’t stop by for a couple of weeks due to various reasons. Not much changed, which is sad…

99% of all posts and threads make it to the MB. The 1% that doesn’t is bashing NACHI and/or members of NACHI in some way shape or form.
Far be it for me to decide what you and others read here on our MB James. When it comes to bashing NACHI as a moderator I draw the line. I speak only for myself, what other moderators do is beyond my control.

Sometimes NACHI deserves to be “bashed”, Mario. Particularly, when NACHI does stupid things…like having moderators filtering thoughts that they feel are inappropriate and slowing down and already slowing flow of posts.

Through “bashing”, many good things and many necessary improvements have come our way over the years. Now, all we get to hear is the hyperbole without the “bashing”. For this reason, the message board has lost its edge…

Those who have been banished from the message board must remain banned if they simply want to post “Good morning”, while every other thought of every other person should be free to be shared. What you (or some other moderator) consider “bashing” others may consider valid criticism, astute observation, or necessary comments that should be addressed.

“quotes” are mine

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just in case you aren’t familiar with the word, here is the definition

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It’s OUR MB too, Mario. And personally, I don’t need you, or anyone else, drawing any lines for me. I can decide what to pay any attention to or not. It has already been proved that moderators will break their own rules if it serves their “agenda”. Healthy debate is not only no longer encouraged here, it is not allowed.

Tumbleweeds indeed. :roll:

Moderation has definitely affected the number of participants here on this message board.

I hope all you moderators (MB police) are proud of the disservice that you did for many members that had participated here on a daily basis.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

I believe most people saw that was going to happen when the details of moderation was announced. ](*,)
We need to write this mistake off and act like it never happened. :shock: