Modular Home Trusses

I inspected a modular home with what appears to be modified trusses. Workmanship appears to be substandard whereas the hinged truss plate’s teeth were not all in contact/pressed into the wood. Below is what my report reads and consequently, client withdrew his offer. Vendor stated that manufacturer confirmed that the installation is proper. Comments?

Possible Major Concern:* One or more *roof trusses have been altered, sacrificing their integrity. Trusses should not be modified without special engineering of additional support. We recommend you consult an engineer specializing in roof truss design to further evaluate this area, as repairs may be needed.

I don’t see any problem with your photos. The little short stubs were installed by the truss company to provide temporary support when the trusses are folded down during transport.

Thanks Randy for your comment.

But shouldn’t the hinged truss plate’s teeth all be pressed into the wood (pic 43) as per manufacturer’s recommendation…


The manufacturer installed all of them the same way in your photos, so they came from the factory that way. Each tooth is capable of carrying so many pounds, so you can only assume the manufacturer embedded enough teeth for this truss. Unless a plate is obviously torn loose or a truss member is cut or broken, I typically don’t comment on engineered trusses during a normal home inspection.

Thanks Randy, much appreciated!

The 3rd photo appears to show a field made gusset plate. If this is not on the engineered plans, You did the right thing calling it out. If the plans were not available for review I would have still written it up.

Hi Russell,
The plans became available only after the inspection was completed and report was sent. I didn’t change my report because the plans are not clear and also handwritten notes were added.

Probably won’t go anywhere. We see these all time , nothing to worry about. Modular truss systems are designed with a few things in mind. Building Codes, transport and set up on site.
HUD is the authority on these homes.