Unsecured gusset plates in modular roof

Yesterday, I inspected a modular home. There were multiple gusset plates in the roof structure that had been left unsecured, evidently in the initial assembly. Is this common practice in modular constructions? I don’t often run across many of these homes in my area.

Its incorrect . Write it up.

IMO from what I can actually see in the photos, those trusses have been modified! The gusset plates are installed at the factory, and are NOT intended for ‘field’ installation.
Note in the photo there are NO visible marks where the plates ‘pulled away from’ the truss, thus my opinion of the modification.
Assuming I am correct, (as you were on site, not me), call it out for review, evaluation and prescriptive repair instructions… AND Certification by a Licensed Truss Engineer!

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Thanks, Roy.

So, you would classify this as a major concern?

Since the trusses have been modified, have buyer ask for the engineer’s paper work on the modification. Or, if there is no paperwork recommend that a Structural engineer assess the trusses and have corrections made per his order.

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Absolutely, unless you want to take the risk in the event the roof structure fails!!

Good advice. Thanks, Larry.

Modular homes have a hinged truss, They remove the truss plate at the factory when they fold down the roof for shipping. If you are unsure have it an evaluation by a licensed Truss Engineer.



Hinge Trusses from MiTek on Vimeo.

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Thank you for specifying the specific type of so called structural engineer. I have come to find using the word structural engineer does not necessarily direct the customer in the right direction. I have found (at least in my area) that some so called structural engineers are what I call failed engineers with a license that have moved into the inspection industry and don’t know their a** from a hole in the ground. I have taken that statement out of my comments and refer specific fields when necessary. (ex: foundation specialist not structural engineer)

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