moisture meter

Guys I’m in the market for a moisture meter ,i know this question been ask before but just wanna compare some models because i see the most guys use the ones with pins .Any ideas as i will not only use it for wood .

here are the one I’m looking at


Protimeter Surveymaster. Shop around for better prices. I got mine, brand new still in plastic, for $249.00 from a pawn shop off Craigslist.

I have Delmhorst total check. It has pins and surface scan. The best ones can scan deeper than 1 inch from surface.

Get the Surveymaster, you won’t regret it.

here is what I have…does ok

I have that same one Paul. It does work well.

I like having two just to be sure.

Use a cheap pinless and an Exotech pinned model from Grainger.

Thanks guys I,m trying to make up my mind

Tramex Survey Encounter VS GE Protimeter Surveymaster

Surveymaster I have 6 of them…love them!

Wow 6 now you mean it when you say love them .lol

Ditto I use two. One is a cheap pinless moisture meter and a Protimeter Surveymaster.

I agree, it does sound a bit like a ‘quick fix’ solution.Surely you can never be 100% absolutely certain that something won’t go wrong.

Another vote for Protimeter Surveymaster.

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I work for GE Energy Measurement & Control, and moisture meters are part of our product lines. If you are interested in a personal discussion about your needs, to see if we have something to offer, please email me at

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You need a pinned model for crawl spaces. I have a Tramex and Protimeter both. The Tramex is not well suited for crawl spaces…you need to be able to stick the thing in the wood and get it in tight spaces. That red light beaming in a dark crawl space looks nice in reports. If you have a Tramex, you don’t also need an expensive Surveymaster. Can get by with the basic pinned model.

After long time in the market the only reliable Moisture Meter I am familiar with is made in Germany by a company called gann go to the classic ones.
I was reading the reviews in this forum and a inspector saying that it works just fine is not ok
anything can work just fine
but the point is been precise with weather conditions, specie, hardness, and how deep you measure the moisture of the wood in the nucleus of the wood and not surface.

Protimeter for me. They have a colored scale that shows up good in photos, and they are small enough to carry easily.

That is the one I use.

Does anyone know if i would need a license to be a termite inspector in Grand Rapids MI. I checked on the state website and I couldn’t find any information