Moisture meters

I have never owned one but feel it is time to buy one.

What do you use?

What do you like about it, what don’t you like about it?

Would you buy it again.

Recommendations for buying a new moisture meter?


I recommend a pin meter. I have a Delmhorst but started out with a cheapee from Harbor Freight. I still have it and use it as a backup. I also have a non-invasive meter - AccuScan but don’t use it as much. Two days ago I was doing an inspection and the owners stated that a leak had been fixed. It didn’t look like it to me and when I pulled out the meter we were able to verify that it was an active leak.

I usually don’t pull it out unless I want to confirm my visual observation that there is a leak.


I have a Tramex moisture encounter plus. It works well, is easy on the batteries, and doesn’t damage like the pin type. Has a reasonably deep read too.

I think I paid $349 for it.

**I have used one for years and it has never let me down. **

**IMO Tramex makes the best on the market. **

Same here with the Tramex.


Tramex—Very Good

Depends on what you’re metering
Different meters are made for different tasks

Wagner Your Price:

Surveymaster With FREE DVD and FREE 5 Year Warranty
**GE Protimeter Surveymaster
Dual Function… Serves me well.

That’s what I use as well, Can’t go wrong with PE. I lost the cap to my Surveymaster and they sent me 3 caps free of charge, they ate the shipping charges to boot.

I have about 5 moisture meters from the Wet Wall Tramex for EIFS which is way over priced in my book down to an el cheapo Rapitest that I paid $27 for at Lowe’s about 14 years ago. I have a Delmhorst that was over $300 and they all do one thing. Tell you if something is wet…period. I use them all but can not tell you the $300 one does a better job or is more accurate than the $27 Rapitest. One is digital the other is analog but both do exactly the same thing. Do you really give a flip “how wet” something is? If it is wet, it’s wet. Anything beyond that is pretty much mute. Just my opinion. The one thing I do really like about the el cheapo is it has a cord (I bought an extension cord at Radio Shack) with the pin head on the one end. I built me a extending pole with a plastic pinch clamp and I can test stains on the ceiling without having to use a ladder. I can’t do that with the expensive Delmhorst. As someone said, depends on what you want to spend, how often will you use it, and for what do you intend to use it. BTW, a side by side comparision of the two pin type meters are almost exactly the same on the read out. Hope this helps.

Now, if you just want to spend some money, buy yourself a really good ladder and a really good flashlight. Those I guarantee you will use every time you do an inspection.

Hi to all,

I still use 2 moisture meters regularly, I have a Delmhorst pin meter (great on wood) and a tramex wet wall (great on showers, drywall and plaster) I always thought I would replace both of the with a Protimeter survey master until I used one for a few days and hated it.

My next moisture meter will probably be a FLIR :frowning:




Surveymaster, but I use it only to confirm something visual.

Ive been looking to buy the surveymaster, i think it would be a good choice to start off with. If you want to look for more different types go to i normally purchase the majority of my equipment through them. Never had a problem with their services or delivery time also.

Congrats Gerry… on the FLIR…:slight_smile: :mrgreen: It’s only money.
Tell Santa what you want for Christmas…

Gary, how do you like the Wagner? I keep trying to find someone who’s used them and you’re the first to answer.

Gerry, what was it that you didn’t like about the Protimeter compared to the Tramex and Delmhorst?

OK, if you use a FLIR or other IR what moisture meter would you choose to confirm your findings?

Protimeter SurveyMaster Dual Mode Moisture Meter
detects the surface and below surface (approx. 1/2 to 3/4).
If you go deeper, you may get some false readings from
pipes, wires, or other metal objects… IMHO.