Moisture meters

Looking for advice on moisture meters to purchase for home inspection thermal imaging and mold inspections.

Thanks, Dan Boyer

Protimeter surveymaster. Without a doubt. Durable and accurate. I have 7

A good moisture meter is by far the most vital tool an inspector needs. No other tool is as important as this one.

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Yep, the protimeter is the only way to go. I have 4 different kinds including the Home Dept Ryobi pinless meter, the Lowes General meter, the protimeter ,and the Sears EXETECH M0210 meter.

I got so tired of having to verify the other meters with my protimeter that I’ve quit using them.

Another thing to strongly consider is the type of display. Many of the meters will give you a digital reading of numbers or bars but that sucks for photos. Try taking a picture of a digital number or screen in a cabinet space. The flash will often void the screen or make you get the image at an exact angle. The protimeter has yellow and red lights that can be photographed in all conditions.

This one has worked for me for many years.

The protimeter also comes with a calibration device which ROCKS. There is nothing like using it to ensure your meter is working within its parameters.

Thanks everyone for the comments. You guys have always offered help when requested.

Sincerely, Dan

I carry a Delmhorst BD2100 with a variety of probes including: extension probe (on a painter’s pole), deep wall probes and a hammer probe.

It depends on what you will be doing as to which type will better serve you.

Survey Master dual function with deep probe attachments.

My pin meter just stopped working when needed and I do not trust my pinless so I will look into the survey master.

I’m the same way about not trusting my pinless meter. There just seems to be so many things that can cause a false reading for pinless meters.

Wish there was a meter that was more accurate in terms of false readings.

The pinless meter is designed to scan and then be verified with the pin.
It’s basically like infrared scanning. Sou must verify your initial readings. Painless

You can also check out the Extech MO295 as it is both pinless and pinned. There are multiple attachments for it. If you have one of the FLIR cameras with bluetooth you can use the Extech MO297, which is the same thing except with the bluetooth ability.


I have been using a GE Survey Master for years and think it is a great all around meter, however I am thinking about getting a new meter that is a little more accurate and can be used for other applications where the Survey Master just falls short. I am looking into the Delmhorst TotalCheck or the MoistureCheck as an upgrade. I do a lot of mold inspections, so the ability to store data and download it to a PC at a later date is one of the features that grabbed my attention. Also, I like the probes that this company has as they seem a little more beefier than the Survey Master. The ToatalCheck also serves as a temperature and humidity gauge which is essential for doing mold inspections.

I am at Granger supply and bought the Same model Extech Mo210 which combined with my Home Depot pinless. Is fine
I already have one so battery and parts are doubled.