Moisture meters

Another local inspector and I were talking about MM

He prompted me to share this info

If it’s unuseful it’s all his fault

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Good info thanks… here is an informative quote from the link you provided.

Any time I see a moist crawlspace, as an experiment I measure moisture in floor components above (if there’s no insulation) using Tramex meter. Joists almost always show 15% to 25% moisture content. There are exceptions of course. Just an example.


That’s a GREAT link and chocked full of information!!




Has anyone tried the Wagnermoisture meters? $320 as opposed to $500 for the Surveymaster. It measures a number of materials… that’s $180 left over to spend on something else.

Used/tested a few of their models doing some gigs in Corpus Christi with another inspector and locally with a flooring installer. I prefer the dual usage Protimeter and Tramex models.


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