Moisture meter

I’m looking for a good quality moisture meter for general applications as well as hand in hand with my infrared camera for moisture detection. Am looking at Protimiter Surveymaster, Delmhorst moisturecheck or techcheck, or Tramex Encounter. Anyone have any yays or nays or any input whatsoever? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks, Glenn

I’ve used the Protimiter Surveymaster and the Tramex Survey Encounter … the tramex is more accurate if your trying to identify exact moisture content for most species of wood (great if your into woodworking) but I like the Protimiter better for inspections. It can get into smaller areas that the Tramex can’t access because of it’s size.

I agree with Chris. I use the Protimeter on almost every inspection I do. It can get into almost every area I want, and it has the extensions and probes if you need it also. that would be my choice. Hasn’t let me down yet.