Mold Accessor License

I completed an Inspection today that was previously inspected.
My question to Florida mold accessors out there is.
Do you have to have a MRSA license to advertise mold and indoor air quality certified?
When I get an answer to the above question, I’ll elaborate further.


Read paragraph 468.8419 ©


Ok per Dom’s reply no

Sounds like you are walking on thin ice if you advertise mold inspector

That certification you have has nothing to do with being a mold assessor and being able to advertise in Florida. If you use it you are putting yourself at risk.

I hate to be the spell Nazi but the first step in learning about a particular subject is knowing how it’s spelled.

But, If it’s spelled wrong, he won’t be in violation of the FL statutes, right?:cool:

A mold inspection is a mold assessment. Sampling (as an add-on service to a HI) is another story. If visible aggregate microbial growth is less than 10sf, it is not regulated by the statutes. If you suspect latent mold growth in the structure, you better be deferring to a licensed Mold Assessor or Industrial Hygienist. Insurance is another snafu that most HI samplers forget about. This can bite real hard if you are not careful.

Damn spell check!

Yep, specifically part C. You can’t use the word “assessor” because a mold assessor is a separately licensed profession in Florida. I’m a Florida licensed mold assessor myself. “Assessor” is the word you can’t use. Use inspector.