Mold Assessors and remediators

Florida Inspectors, I have completed the Mold class for assessors and

remediators but it seems as with WDO inspectors you can not advertise as a

WDO inspector unless you are a licensed pest control company by the State of

Florida. You also can not advertise as a Mold assessor or remediator without a

Florida license. Am I on the right track with this? Or are we allowed to

advertise as long as there is not more than 10 sq ft. of mold damage.

Just trying to stay out of trouble. Thanks

(Sorry guys found old thread)

NO you cannot advertise without a license.

Thatcourse you took means nothing except for the fact that you took a course. You have to look at and meet all the requirements of the Florida mold assessor and that includes taking some college courses to meet the state licensing requirements

So, does one need to be a licensed assessor to take a sample of visible mold and send it to a lab? Meaning, not advertising, but say I see something at an inspection. Not looking to do anything shady, I have just been looking this up for a while now, and can’t seem to find a solid answer either way.

Never mind. Just found it in a different thread.