MOLD INSPECTIONS: Licensed or Certifide ?

In Florida, do you need a License to offer Mold Inspections ?
Or does an Internachi Certification class suffice ? Do you sub the inspections out , etc ?

I think you can offer mold sampling on the course of a home inspection
but DO NOT hold yourself out to the public as a licensed mold assessor
or any configuration of those words.


Florida does have a Mold Assessor’s license. There are guys doing inspections and sampling without one and some believe it is a grey area. It does state that an HI can report on under 10 sqft. of mold. That is also the threshold the EPA uses for remediation protocols. Now with that said and you do a “mold” inspection and/or air sampling and you see more than 10 sqft of visible mold or if your air sample come back “elevated” on a 3000 sqft house what do you do if not holding a Mold license? Do you recommend someone who is? Do you refund the client what you charged? Did you break the law?

I’ll tell ya one thing -
I think the million E&O I have to carry is way excessive.

Well, if you compare it to the regular HI performing mold with no Assessor License with $300k of insurance I would agree. Otherwise a $1mil insurance policy is pretty standard