Mold and Radon Certification OHIO?

I am just looking for some advice on where the best place to get mold and radon certified in ohio? Any suggestions or past problems?
thanks jon

Radon- There are many courses that are offered. Takes 2 days of training plus the test the next day. Radalinks training is good. Check there website for classes.

Mold- The IAC2 that Nachi has is good. I am also interested in getting IAC2 certified. I am waiting for a class near here like Pittsburg/Columbus/Toledo

Maybe we could get together for the mold training.

I can give you all the info you need for radon. Can save you time & money.

We’re almost done building an online, video course for mold… you can each take it from your homes. Hang on…

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Sounds good!!

Keep us posted.

Here’s a couple links to help ya out.

FAQ on Ohio Radon Licensure
Radon Training Courses


ESA has a a Radon class coming to Columbus the first of the month. So you might want to call them.

Thanks For all the info so far. I have to run right now but I will get back with you. thanks again Jon hittle

Then join Free.

Hondros College is on scheduled to offer Radon training later in the year… check with them as they have campuses all over Ohio.

Just make sure they are on the state’s approved list of providers, otherwise your wasting your money. Here is the current list from their website.

The following courses are approved training courses and meet the educational requirements for licensed radon testers and
radon mitigators in the State of Ohio. You will need to contact the course providers at the phone numbers and addresses
listed below to sign up for a course, to determine the location and date for a course and to take the exam.


Course-Radon Measurement Technicians’ Training
Approval # TR 3
**Expiration 11-05-2009
**Provider-Midwest Universities Radon Consortium (MURC)
1994 Buford Avenue
352 Classroom Office Building
St. Paul, MN 55108
1-800-843-8636 (Fax-612-624-6225)

Course-Radon Measurement Operator’s Course
Approval # TR 2
**Expiration: 7-31-09
**Provider-Radalink, Inc.
5599 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA 30341

Course-Residential Radon Measurement
Approval # TR 6
**Expiration: 8-20-08
**Provider-Spruce Environmental Technologies
187 Neck Road
Ward Hill, MA 01835

Course-Radon Measurement Course
Approval # TR 1
**Expiration: 8-19-09
**Provider-#1 Radon Tester/Celia Rajkovich
171 Hall Road
Aliquippa, PA 15001

Course-Radon Measurement Course
Approval # TR 5
**Expiration: 9-7-08
**Provider-Environmental Solutions Association
416 Pine St., #201
Williamsport, PA 17701
(570) 326-3700

Course-Radon Measurement Operator’s Course
Approval # TR 7
**Expiration: 8-28-09
**Provider-Radon Testing Corporation of America
2 Hayes Street
Elmsford, New York 10523
(800) 457-2366

We (Hondros - Ohio’s best HI ed provider ) are actively working on Radon. We currently offer a 16 hour mold course in Columbus and Cleveland. If you have specific questions about the HI course offerings, contact me directly.