FL Mold Law

Hi Guys,

I’m sure this has been addressed in previous threads, however, I was wondering if someone could answer a couple of questions?

1). Can a Florida Licensed Home Inspector test for mold and supply a result from the mold lab without being a licensed Mold Assessor? If so, do you have the FSS (Florida State Statute) or specific clarification statement, etc?

2). If the answer to question #1 is yes, does the Home Inspector have to carry the 1,000,000 general liability and E & O policy that a Mold Assessor is required to carry, if the Home Inspector is not holding themselves out there as a Certified Mold Assessor? Is there a Statute or clarification statement for this situation specific to the insurance for a Home Inspector (not Mold Assessor) that is testing for mold?

Thanks for any input. And sorry if this is repetitious, however, I am newer to the Florida forum and am just scratching the surface.

I know, there are multiple questions within each question, sorry.