mold block foundation walls, HEPA filtration, mold remover...

…and an acrylic coating inside?
You need to determine, identify where the water is getting in and then repair/waterproof it, NOT apply a coating on inside walls
So since you or anyone else cleans up most of the mold the cause/problem(s) is fixed?

Highly, highly likely that basement has exterior cracks, cracked parging in block walls, maybe some openings/gaps around-under some basement windows etc so applying anything on the inside walls doesn’t repair/waterproof any of those.
Example, stained block walls, efflorescence etc Drylok etc

Outside… the problems
Applying junk on the inside doesn’t stop water from entering anything like this

This lady raised
The problems, where water was entering… were exterior cracks, cracked parging in foundation wall. Applying some acrylic coating etc doesn’t STOP further water from getting in!