Got some efflorescence or mold on some of your foundation wall, huh?

Inside a basement, block wall, efflorescence, homeowner only leaked near corner. They only saw the water at–along the very bottom of where the wall and basement floor meet, got dat?

Here’s the outside of corner, where the water was first getting into the hollow-blocks, caused the efflorescence on inside blocks.

Saw cut a small piece of concrete aka concrete apron, in order to hand dig the biaaatch out and fix the actual problems correctly.

Oh, did we talk the homeowners into any more footage than necessary?
Nope, never have. But many others do that, especially interior basement system cupcakes.

This article, ‘gets’ efflorescence…
…“The best way to prevent the problem is to prevent water from infiltrating the blocks… whenever we see this problem, there is usually a leak somewhere that allows water to enter the block wall…” (see all videos posted, photos as well),

Raising and sloping the grade does not repair/waterproof/tuckpoint whatever the problems are.
Neither does mudjacking slabs and other rookie type suggestions.

Here’s a homeowner, Don Williams, who posted his own leaky, moldy basement problem… appears unfortunately he’ll fall PREY to some interior system company because, as many others do.

2:15 appears someone applied Drylok etc to at least part of block wall, good luck with that.

2:50----3:50 Took some drywall down, some mold and there is at least 2 cracks that are visible inside. Exterior cracks in block and brick foundation walls are NOT always visible on the inside.

Oh, and that moisture barrier? lool Ya mean, Reynolds Wrap! That doesn’t do sqqquat! Another cupcake-idea.

More efflorescence, some mold etc. WHY? Because yet again there were multiple EXTERIOR cracks in the basement wall, hello. NO interior basement system and 69 sump pumps would stop further water from entering hence, would not stop/prevent further efflorescence and mold, nope.

Oh and duh, raising and sloping the grade would not have stopped further water/moisture from entering the actual problems/defects… exterior cracks, so raising the grade would not have stopped/prevented further efflorescence/mold, nope.

3 different leaky areas in this basement video

All 3 areas had exterior cracks in basement wall.

Inside the basement at :35 and 1:30 you see vertical cracks in basement wall, a cupcake attempt of patching and painting these cracks/walls was made.

A good home inspector would WARN (warning, warning Will Robinson!) any potential BUYER that these cracks/defects allow water in basements which could then cause x-amount of mold or efflorescence on part of inside wall and have the seller get them waterproofed correctly/outside or, take off x-amount of their asking price.

If a home inspector tells any homeowner, seller or buyer, all they need to is raise and slope the grade, sue them for incompetence,/negligence, because this happens…a lot. Have posted many photo albums and videos where this dumb chtt occurred.

A home inspector should tell/explain to SELLERS pretty much the same damn things. Either get the cracks fixed/waterproofed correctly or deduct x-amount
off their asking price so that the buyers can fix the cracks (if they wish, if they’re smart). They also would not have a any possible beef/lawsuit with the buyer in future on this shtt, same goes for the HI.

The HI could say, document…Hey, i explained to you all what the problems were and how to fix them correctly.

Again, what often happens, what my guys and i have personally wit–frigginessed for 30+ yrs when people buy a house is… the sellers and-or buyers are often told to just raise and slope the grade or mudjacked 1+ slabs or add some azz nine splashblock, or paint the basement walls with Drylok, cupcake non-expert, moronic ideas/recommendations, yep.

Photo album, house was sold with leaky basement and mold and efflorescence DUE TO, multiple exterior cracks in basement walls, home inspector missed the signs baby. Seller lied, seller raised and sloped the grade and painted the inside walls click any photo to ENLARGE that photo, got dat?