Mold test cost

I am getting ready to start mold testing along with my inspections. I went threw the Training and purchased the Pump set up and all from Prolab.
Now i need to know how everyone is charging?
I know you need to do and indoor and outdoor for comparison. Do you charge for 2 test for that? HOw much. I have been told they charge $125 per test. NOw is that $250 for the indoor and outdoor test or maybe $150 for both the indoor and outdoor and then $100 for each additional? How much for the swab test? Is the swab the same charge?
If you see white mold from say a possible water heater or hot water heat leak in the basement, do you swab that or are we looking to swab the circular spots of mold, like the colorfull ones?
Throw whatever you got for me. I want to sponge it all!
Yes, i could call around to other doing the test but i thought i would start here.

HI Andy!

Charge $300.00 for the visual inspection.

$125.00 to $130.00 FOR EACH air sample, {Outdoors, indoors, and inside the wall} the same goes for culture swabs, and wall swipes.

You should earn from $600.00 to $1,200.00 per inspection.

Regards, Frank

The market here will not accept that price. I would not be able to perform any inspections here with those prices. Sounds really nice though man, I’m glad you’re doing so well. God Bless.

Southern California cost starts at 470 to 590.00 (three samples). For the Visual Inspection, Air-o-Cells, Paperwork (COC), Overnight Mail, and Lab Fees included into that price. We do offer discounts 10 to 20% off (depending on Sq ft.) if it’s done at the same time as a Home Inspection.
Hope this helps.

Price is going to depend on circumstances.

When doing a standalone mold inspection my base price is 799. Typically 3-4 samples. If it’s a real large place or more samples needed then I generally adjust about 75 per sample.

Now take my marketed Advanced Home Inspection. That includes mold inspection and sampling. But the physical inspection is essentially being done as part of the home home inspection. Including thermal imaging which is also part of the Advanced Inspection. So added price in the package per sample is more on the order of $75 (but remember that is an internal number for an inspection package that sells at $1600 and up.

Don’t just pick a number off the shelf. Analyze your added costs in money and time for the service if you’re going to package it into a home inspection. On a time and cost basis I value the sample at about $40-45. (that’s cost to me not the consumer)

Then consider your clients and your market. In some cases there’s high mold concern so a higher price can be supported. In other areas the fear is low so a higher price may be more difficult to sell. Given the usual downward pressure on HI prices anytime you can boost an extra service you want to get all the traffic will bear for your market.

Around here people are charging anywhere from 82 - 150/hour for on-site labor; 60 - 75/ sample for non-viable sampling; 100 - 125/sample for viable sampling; variable travel expenses; and a starting price of 150/protocol. I did a lot of research before opening my doors and these are the lows and highs that I got going into it.

I only ran into a handful of companies that charged labor, materials and sampling fees all in one. Those ran from 150 - 200/sample.

My research covered a three state area in the Midwest United States and professionals from home inspection, indoor air quality, and industrial hygiene type offices. I hope this helps.