Mold inspection software

looking for mold inspection software?
what have inspectors been using?
where have canadian mold inspectors been getting their supplies?

HIP has mold inspection software and you can us ESML or Pro Lab for supplies and testing.

Included in Homegauge software.

Awsome, thanks Gary,
how long have you been doing mold inspections ?
what all did you get when you started?
thanks ffor your info.

Eragorn, click on Open Template and you’ll see that the Mold Template is already included free in Home Inspector Pro. If you have any questions or problems let me know.

thanks, Dominic
what a great system HIP is !
well done !!

No problem Eragorn :wink: You can thank Ben Gromicko too. He made the IAC2 Mold SOP which made it easier to create a template from

Palm Tech has mold Inspection software available also. There is a sample report that comes with the software if I am not mistaken it is an extra $100 to use it without the Sample across the report.