Mold on walls, doors, ceilings etc

This is a repo and has been closed up for a couple of years. I have never seen this on literally everything. The previous tenant threw poo on the walls as well. I need help on my narrative. Thanks 20190701_105025|374x500

We noted what appears to me mold and feces at many locations. Recommend this be thoroughly cleaned…

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Apparently (via realtor or home owner?) this home has been closed up for a couple of years. There is a mold like substance virtually everywhere and what appears to be feces here and there. I recommend a complete and thorough investigation and cleaning by an industrial hygienist to make it habitable. YMMV


Charles, I do not envy you inspecting that home!:biohazard:

I did a repo years ago and before they vacated the home they left a pot belly pig in there for over 2 weeks. It had food and water but really messed the whole place up…

This came in very handy!

And that is dog pee on the sub-floor!