Mold Sampling Equip - Any thoughts?

Had thought of getting into performing mold tests…

Had found this package for some basic stuff. Any thoughts?

Not bad. Go for it. Make sure you take Mold screening & testing class and get a certification.

hey John–where and how to get certified

has a good training program and offers a certificate of completion.

want a certification:

“You can not just take a class and become “Certified” according to the new ANSI approved National Standard 1100. March 9, 2009”

“This is an extremely important development for the IAQ industry, given the fact that many IAQ organizations today offer “certifications” that do not qualify as such according the Standard 1100.” Page 12, IAQ newspaper April 2009 [FONT=Arial]]([/FONT]

A National Standard 1100 (NOCA) has recently been approved by ANSI that clarifies the difference between Indoor Air Quality professionals (including mold inspectors) that are “certified” professionals and those that are just “certificate holders” (completed a training course).

The new standard confirms and codifies [FONT=Arial]three groups that have policies that qualify them as certification programs under the national Standard 1100.[/FONT]

  1. [FONT=Arial]The American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) which offers the Certified Industrial Hygienist, CIH designation.[/FONT]
  2. [FONT=Arial]The American Indoor Air Quality Council, (AmIAQC) which offers several designations:
  3. The Board of Certified Safety Professionals which offers the Certified Safety Professional, CSP designation.[/FONT]

**]( **
** **
WASHINGTON, DC (March 26, 2009) - The National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA) announced today that its recently published NOCA 1100 - Standard for Assessment-Based Certificate Programs (2009) received approval as an American National Standard by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) Board of Standards Review.

NACHI has the training program, so IAC2 qualifies for ASNI.

I am mentoring an inspector that has that pump. It is a good pump for the money and will do what you will need it to do. EMSL stands behind their products pretty good also.

Someone should let ANSI know

I have asked Nick about it, several months back. He could care less.:wink:

Doug and James. Thanks!

Where does that leave someone that is signing up for IAC2 though?

Muddy waters?


That should include the tubing, Tim, but check anyway . .
You’ll spend nearly 3 hundred on the pump alone, unless you get a returned / reconditioned one.
I just bought a 2nd one for our 2nd inspection veh from Pro-Lab, recon’d, for $200, with stand.
If you call down there, ask for Michael at X223, tell him I referred you, he may be able to find one for you.
If so, you can put it into your own WalMart tool box and just buy the swabs & spore traps.

Let us know!


I purchased the same kit and it works well. I put my company logo on the front and take it with me on inspections. I usually get asked what it is. So it is a great opener for further inspections.

I recently bought a set of two for back up. I buy the cassettes by the box and tape lifts by volume. EMSL has the best prices and you don’t have to pre-pay for lab fees. Just open an account and get billed for what you use. I did 3 mold inspections yesterday on furclosures that are gonna be remediated prior to sale by the banks.



Take IAC2 training, and attend any free or low cost workshops provided by labs, IAQ groups you can find. ESA also has some good training. You do mold --the training never stops. Over the years we have been “certified” by many groups, ESA, EAA, Pro Lab, BTS etc. but the ACAC formally the Indoor Air Quality Council certifications have served us well.
We have added inspectors (4 CIE’s now- two trainees soon) and a new office begining Oct 1, in Orlando Florida because of our ACAC certifications. I just asked what has helped our business the most - guys are all back in the office now and all aggree it’s the certifications.

We have grown 23 to 31% each of the last four years, maybe it’s the certification, maybe not, but we think so.

I have the IAC2 “certification” and proudly display it on our websites.
Hope that helps.

Thanks again guys

Hey Russ,
good tip on the recondition unit. Made a note Michael at Pro-Lab]. I currently do not do mold inspections, how do you charge and what may I ask is the price range?



Why test for Mold when the damaged finishes have to be removed anyways?

It would only be necessary when it come to clearing a job if the materials is already removed. Scrubbing the air, HEPA vacuuming and wiping will still need to be done to remove the considered toxic mold spores.

Gotcha James. After removal makes sense.


Ya, they already most likely spread the spores throughout the building so it would not really matter much.

Tom, give me a call at 208.660.8877