Mold advance certification advice needed

I am in FL and looking for advice on which mold certifications have the best value and importance in the field of mold assessments. I already have the state mold assessor and remediator licenses, but don’t really feel confident in doing full blown assessments (remediation protocols), and clearance testing. I already do standard sampling.

I have looked over NORMI, ACAC, and IICRC programs but would like some feedback on which programs will me give the most bang. If you have gone though these training programs as a professional mold / IAQ assessor, please point me in the right direction because there seems to be many avenues to this. Thanks in advance.

Brad if you do “standard sampling” and find a problem, what do you presently do?

To me the license is the ONLY certification needed

Russell, I know that the license is good enough, but I want to bump this up a step and join the ranks, so to speak. I have a lot of experience with water intrusion repairs as a contractor, and know that area pretty well. Even though I have had the basic training in this, I think it would be prudent to pursue a professional certification such as CMA with NORMI, or CMI with ACAC. I may just start with a WRT from IICRC, since this class is right around the corner from me in March. I know you do a lot of this, but what training did you use beside IAC2 and grandfathering?

Bradley, good questions of Russell.

Russ, you have IAQ certifications from a few different places. Which one has offered you the most value education wise and which one has given you the most perceived value business/marketing wise?

You might want to avoid ACAC, Mark plans to sue them out of existence this summer.