Mom and Dad at Christmas time

I don’t really know to say this, but I’ll give it a try…OK?
Merry Christmas….for starters.
My mom and my dad died when I was 5 months old… I ain’t asking for no sympathy…Nope!
It all worked out.
But the thing I miss in my life is having a mama and dad…
They were not there.
But would you do something for me?
Give your mom and dad a kiss for me and tell them how much you love them?
They will not be here forever (trust me), So let them really know how much you love them…OK?
That ain’t much to ask from you guys…Huh?

Time is one thing you can’t get more of, the more time you can spend with your family and friends the better. Anything work related that can save you time, I am all for. That is the single biggest downfall I find in living in this place commonly referred to as paradise… I am 500 miles away from Mom and 1000 miles away from Dad and the majority of my family and friends. But I am not complaining. :wink:
Definitely spend as much time as you can with family and friends.

What a sincere post, Roy. Both of my wife’s and my parents are gone now but we are really content that we realized what you are saying soon enough to really spend time with all four of them…grandparents, too.

We have some pretty old friends and some family left. How about we kiss and love them?

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Roy. I appreciate your post. :slight_smile:

Very sincere post Roy, I always tell my parents I love then every chance I get, life is way to short to forget the ones who raised you!

That’s a nice sentiment. My parents are long gone, but I’ll reach out to my sisters.

Thank you guys !

Roy, I couldn’t appreciate your post even more. Me and my siblings are dealing with two parents who’s health is failing rapidly. A mom with Alzheimer’s and my dad with Parkinson’s. The poor guy is doing everything he can to take care of my mom and can barley take care of himself. You go through a lot of different emotions seeing your parents this way, but I just recently embraced what you just said. Yes it’s difficult to care for them, but I have them and that is a blessing I can’t ignore.

Thank you for sharing this.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

God bless them and you Sir.

Isn’t that the truth?

Will do. Merry Christmas Roy. I am in San Antonio and my parents are back in Ohio. I miss them dearly.

I know you do…
Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Roy. I was 30 when my Mother passed, and 41 when my father joined her. Not nearly enough time with them. As the fourth of five children (spaced out over about 20 years), they were getting up there in years before I came around. I have many regrets, and not all were in my control. I hope all reading this thread take to heart how little time we have on this earth, and to spend every moment they can with their loved ones. I honestly pity those inspectors that feel they need to perform 3 inspections a day, 7 days a week. I fear someday they will wake to find they have lost what is really important to them, or worse yet, their loved ones have lost them.

Thanks so much for posting Roy. I’m fortunate to still have both of my parents but they are going downhill fast. I’ll be with them on Christmas and will do just what you asked.

Merry Christmas,


Thank you Robert
Merry Christmas

Seeing my Parents Wed.

Merry Christmas Roy.

You are fortunate, Brian.

The best to you, Roy, and Merry Christmas!

very nice Roy ! great post!

Roy, a great post and I was wondering what happened to your Mom and Dad at such a young age? Who took care of you as a small child?

I will give my family hugs, handshakes, and my Mom a big kiss on the lips.

Merry Christmas!! I wish you the best!!

Very touching! My parents are long gone and I remember them well.

Merry Christmas!

My mother, father and my mother’s mother( My grandmother) were killed on June 15 1953,when they crossed the tracks in from of a fast moving passenger train that didn’t sound the horn. They were literally torn to pieces. Everyone looked through the wreckage for me, but believed I (being a small infant)was torn up beyond recognition amongst the rubble. I had up till that point had always been with them I was told.
Nevertheless, The authorities broadcasted on the radio and in the newspapers " Where is the Infant Lewis"…Three days later I was found with my great aunt.
News traveled slow back in those days.
Who took care of me you asked! I spent my time at an Mennonite children’s home in Ybor City until about the age of 5 or 6 then I would go home on weekends with my Grandmother my father’s mother.