Monster Free Certificate

I could have sworn I saw on NACHI’s website somewhere a download for a monster free certificate for children? Anyone have the link?

Thanks in advance,

Stephen Rager

I think it was one of the inspectors doing it i remember it too

I have one. But it has my name on it. You can make your own pretty easily.

Juan has them too.

Nice. So in a single move you have taken the parents, “There is no such thing as monsters”, and instead given it credibility. Just give them some pages to color and leaving the child rearing to the parents.

It reads as not a monster free zone… you should have the Monsters 'X’d out not the monster free zone. :wink:

There are MONSTERS?
I was always afraid to let my feet hang over the bed when I was a small kid.
I thought alligators would bite!

That’s actually an old version, the only one on my phone. In the updated version I did exactly as you suggested.
Stephen, I’ve gotten great feedback on it.

This is the new version

Much better!

I even licensed the monster graphics.

I thought the same thing. Is it from growing up in Florida?

I know it seems gimmicky to some people. I’m a big believer that success is in the details. The little things we do add up to a lot in the long run. Thank you, Frank.

I get great feedback from my clients!

I like the tidy and clean part, extend the period to five years, when they won’t need it anymore (hopefully!).:wink:

Yeah, I don’t know why I made it a year. I could even make it for life! :cool:


Marketing! Gets you back to re-Certify the home with annual maintenance inspections!

Hmmm! Good point!!