Montgomery Ward Furnace (oil)

Hey folks… first time i have seen one of these… if anyone has any info pertaining to this make let me know… could not even read the model number only the unit number? E591308

Montgomery Ward Furnace… appears to be operating adequately… the humidifier was shot… obviously not used in years (humidifier)… but the the old guy had some home made wood duct work… pretty clever… thrifty i guess… back when wood was cheap!


CPI_Wright_Oakland 143.jpg

Montgomery Ward is one that you have to be careful with.

They did some manufacturing prior to 1982 but then became a distributor for other manufacturers from 1982 until their demise, whenever that was.

The E in the number probably stands for the year, a practice used by many manufacturers. Unfortunately, in order to determine what year the E stands for, one needs to have the code sheet that they used. That’s a code sheet that I have not found yet in my researches.

In this case, since it looks old, I’d probably guess that it is old. So I’d rely on other data (structure construction date, date of other appliances, date in toilet, date in electric panel, etc.) to give me a good idea of the furnace’s age.