Moores heater

[Updated information with photo]

At a beach cottage, I ran into a gas-fired, direct-vented heater made by a now defunct company named Locke Stove Company in Kansas City. They call it a Moores heater, model 1450RMA. Best guess is that it is from no later than the early 70s, likely farther back. It is about the size of an average radiator but it is a miniature furnace with a pilot and everything. Serial number was hard to read but could have been 1971.

Thanks in advance.

Brandon Macy

Brandon, what kind of information are you looking for on this? You really didn’t say what you needed, just that you found it.

Sorry, I was looking to find out if anybody had run into one of these before–approximate aging, anything about the Locke Stove Co. which seems to have been out of business for a good number of years. Certainly if there are any issues encountered with this type of space heater.

Mr. Macy,
I grew up with a stove just like this heating our house. It is much older than 1970. I was born in 1956, and we had this stove when I was a little girl. It was, and is, still in the same place, and still working. The switch to the blower does not work any longer, so the we cannot use the blower. However, I am about four feet from it right now. Very toasty and warm. LOVE IT. It draws us to it, to stand in front of it, in spite of house being warm. Ours is very worn now. I love to look at your picture and just how our stove used to look. Oh how us kids loved that stove!