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Good News!

Wow !!! Not a bad accomplishment for a ‘DEAD’ program.

Bill Mullen

I wonder how much this is costing the BC Tax payers .

Don’t worry about the cost, Roy. I am sure that if you asked those same taxpayers if they thought that HI’s need regulations, they would respond over 95%…YES!!!

The cost to taxpayers is very small. The qualified organizations are responsible for testing, verifying experience and training and discipline of their members or Registrants. The CPBC does almost nothing other than issue the license based on the recommendation from the qualified organization.

Rather than creating a huge beaurocracy over this, the people in BC very cleverly placed the workload on the backs of the qualifed organizations. Good for them. It saves a lot of duplication and streamlines the process.

Bill Mullen

It all depends how it is worded You are great about complaining about what the government spends when you disagree but see nothing wrong with things that are not your business ,You complain when I answer a question but do not hesitate to jump in when I and another are having a conversation .
You are just a jealous little person who has a big chip on his shoulder you are always right even when wrong .
You are a disgrace to our Canadian home Inspectors .
I am sure if we asked the taxpayers if they want a tax reduction 100% would say yes.

Congratulations NHICC!

Ya and the best part you can choose between 4 associations!

  1. Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia-(ASTT)
  2. Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (BC) - (CAHPI(BC))

Additional organizations have been approved by Consumer Protection BC under the provisions of Section 3 of the HILR, since the original implementation of home inspector licensing on April 1, 2009. They are as follows:

  1. Canadian National Association of Certified Home Inspectors - (CanNACHI)
  2. National Home Inspector Certification Council - (NHICC)

I rarely disagree with government spending unless it’s not transparent or something like the G20 fiasco…and Little Stevie trying to impress the world’s bigwigs with our “fake lake” and holding the larger part of the meetings in Tarana when even the mayor saw the problems coming and did not want it…

I don’t mind taxes when it helps keep us in the top 5-6 of countries in the world… It’s those folks who are in good economic times whining about them…If you don’t like our taxes, go to the Congo or similar…just remember to bring armed guards with you!!

BTW, we have fallen from #1 that we held for many years in a row!

How would you word it without bias then?

I simply use “Do you feel home inspectors should be licensed?”…to which
the response is “Yes”…oh… about 100% of the time? After which I tell them… “Only in BC are HI’s regulated”…SHOCK on their faces!!! or “You have to be kidding!!”

Who cares if BC has licencing. Its obvious the licencing is not meaningful if they let CanNachi in.

What do you think about that Brian?


Whether or not we agree that the BC licensing is meaningful, the fact remains that in BC a person must have a license to inspect houses. The urgent problem is that a significant number were given provisional licenses so they could continue to practice, but those provisional licenses will expire on March 31, 2011, which will effectively throw between 50 and 100 people out of work.

Until now, their only options were to join either CAHPI BC, ASTT or CanNACHI. Many of these people are iNACHI members who have been left out in the cold by CAHPI and ASTT and perhaps don’t want to join CanNACHI for whatever reason. iNACHI members don’t automatically qualify under CanNACHI because to qualify for licencing, CanNACHI modfied there requirements so they are very different from those of iNACHI.

The NHICC provides another independent oprion for those affected. Our goal is to find a way to help them stay employed. They don’t have to apply to the NHICC, but if they don’t their only hope might be to accept the dictates of CAHPI or ASTT.

Nobody is claiming the NCP through NHICC is the answer to everything, but it is a very attractive, credible and achievable option for many. The statements that the NHICC does not recognize experience are very wrong. The NHICC has a really fair method of evaluating people with related experience. Some inspectors have achieved their NCH without any formal classroom training, just based on their in-the-field training and experience. Some of these had no problem passing the TIPR and away they went.

Bill Mullen

Thanks Bill Please try and restrain from this I have a lot of dirt that is better left behind.
You are very very far from being pure .
We are still waiting for your replies .

Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon

From the leader of the movement to leave the past behind…Probably about 100th time or more that he has posted the above…shows the spirit of the man!!

Bill your sense of humour is overwhelming considering you have labeled many liars, recently was banned from the OAHI forum, and considering you have a fraudster on your BOD of Phic and the president running an inspection mill, you really are one to lecture on ethics.

But don’t let me stop there Bill, you have been reported to BBB and you have purposely embellished statements to the press knowing full well the info you provided was false.

Also you have criticized Nachi numerous times.

As Roy says you should be careful about throwing stones in your glass house.

Thanks Bill do you have anything enlightening to add?


Bill for someone who likes to threaten people by making up falsities you had better reflect on your past and present endeavours.

Where did Roy threaten you?

Btw how is the libel suit going, you know the one where you made false statements about a fellow OAHI member that were completely false?

Remember there were witnesses to your very big lapse in judgement Bill Mullen of Blue Water Home Inspections.


Do your contacts at CMHC and CSC council know what you are up to? Doesn’t look good on your part buddy.

I am sure your contacts would not be amused. I guess I will just have to let them know how as spokesperson for a so called professional group acting in the manner you are doing on a public forum.