Got an e-mail from NHICC. Follow this link to see.


I think I will start my own home inspection organization in Canada. I will call it the alphapetski certification program, it will cost you $1000 to join and you will have to come to my house and inspect it and that will cost you another $1000 and then you may or may not get to claim that you are certified by the best home inspection organization on my street and when that fails I will start another home inspection organization and call it ***1234 ***certification program; I will use numbers because all the letters have been used up by NHISS,PHPIC,HRSDC,NCH,ICE,CAPHI,OAHI,NCP and I am am sure the rest of the alphabet will have been been used up by the next feeble effort by people that I do not know who appear to only want to proctect their turf and are doing nothing but confuse the public into thinking their organization is sanctioned by government and CMHC!

LOL! There is a new association or certification program or official-sounding “authority” or “council” popping up every week in Canada. They all charge lots and offer few benefits. It is really getting silly.

Kinda like the new logos or seals around here.

Yes it is getting silly.:frowning:

LOL! Oh come on. Each of these logos is for something very different. All of them are necessary. www.nachi.org/logos.htm

And best of all… the price is right.

Nick…way too many logos…doesn’t allow the HI’s any space on the home page for pictures or to tell the public about themselves!!

No one has to use the logos if they don’t want to.

I was referring primarily to Busharts new “Full Time” logo.

It would serve NACHI right to have the part timers leave.

It sends a misleading message and unfortunately denigrates not only contractors as apparently intended but successful part timers.

Do the right thing and drop it.

We didn’t release a part-time logo.

Helping one member tout that he is full-time, or that he is Infrared Certified, or the fact that he works on Sundays or whatever doesn’t harm any other members that don’t.

InterNACHI is one big family and works as one big team. If one member can score by running the ball straight up the middle, his fellow wide receivers should cheer him on.

P.S. Let’s not turn this Canadian thread into another “One member’s gain is my loss” thread.

This is from a guy who belongs to no association .
I guess he is jealous of how well NACHI has done in a short time .
7 years in Canada and NACHI has more members then all the rest of the Canadian associations combined .
Nachi cost is less then any Canadian association .
Returns in information Education and help to all Home Inspectors is better the all Canadian associations combined.
Brian complains about NACHI more then all Canadian Home Inspectors combined .
As my mother used to say the empty Wagon makes the most noise
It fits Brian well.

Is the phrase “An empty wagon makes the most noise” true? Code 5

Yes, it is true. “An empty wagon makes the most noise” means that noise doesn’t equal value or worth.

One can promote his full time/non contractor/independent/disinterested 3rd party status without resorting to NACHI sanctioned logo.:frowning:

Nothing but a certain members hatred for anyone doing anything except home inspections has driven this and wiser heads should have prevailed.

What is funny is that he himself does not do exclusively home inspections and derives income from wearing multiple hats.

Sorry for doing this in the Canadian thread but that is where Nick is reading.

**Statistical Data that does not support the claims of NHICC **

Some of the complaints are not even part of an home inspection vis-a-vie the SOP.

Here we don’t know the crux of the complaints, nor the resolution or even if there was merit to the complaints!
Empirical data? NOT!

No one here “hates” part-timers (in fact, I explained how in this current market, part-timers may be financially able to keep their fees structures higher than full-timers, which helps us all), any more than we hate those without infrared cameras, or hate those who don’t include pictures in their reports. That’s absurd.

Helping one member doesn’t harm another.

InterNACHI is one big family and works as one big team. If one member can score by running the ball straight up the middle, his fellow wide receivers should cheer him on.

I disagree.

You let him smooth talk you into providing a logo that DOES diminish others and some are leaving as a result(at least from the MB)

It could have been done without a sanctioned logo provided by NACHI.

And I repeat- ANYONE can use the logo as it has no requirements for it’s use.

Each is able to define for him/herself what “Full Time” means just as the initiator has.

This is not a positive development for NACHI. :frowning:

We don’t seek positive developments for InterNACHI, we seek to do positive things for members.

Don’t worry, I promise you that we’ll never create a Not-Infrared-Certified logo or a No-Pics-With-My-Reports logo or anything that is negative. Only positive yardage. Go team.

Now you are dancing Nick. :frowning:

Seems to me that you helped create one or at least support it in kind.

So you now see that Canada is not a socialist controlled state…anyone is free to start any association they wish…when there are many, there is definitely more choice!!

I like all these little associations that keep popping up. But I love the older associations even better.

They all provide a backdrop with which to compare InterNACHI to.

I say… choose the association that you think provides the most member benefits, government approved continuing education, marketing, and business success programs… whatever that association may be.

How dumb do you think your members are by including this statement with the non influential phrases…part time versus full time can have a big influence on who a client will choose as opposed IR vs non IR. The part time HI’s/ members should be pissed at you for insulting their intelligence with the above…another attempt at S&M!!!

We didn’t create a part-time logo. You must be thinking of some other tiered membership level association.