more certifications

I am wanting to add Mold, Radon and Termite detection to my list of credentials. However, my searches for the best places to become certified in these areas is very vague. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. This is for the state of Indiana.

      Thanks, Wade


Termite inspections in Indiana is regulated by the state chemist and the training is offered by Purdue University. I believe the next training class is March 28th (I will check when I am back to my computer). Radon is regulated by the IDEM and requires passing an exam and paying a fee. Feel free to call me at 812-499-3838 with any questions - I will be at the Purdue class on the 28th if you would like to meet up.

John Taylor

And if you are at all worried about passing the required exams, take our free WDO course and free Radon course. Both are in

There would have been no way for me to pass my WDO exam had I not taken InterNACHI’s course.

Thanks for your reply John. Expect a call from me within the next few days. It would be great to have someone to collaborate with.


You need an approved training class for the Radon- I went to Indy for a 2 day class through ESA. then join NRPP and pass their test, then contact Bowser for device testing, then have it calibrated, then pay PLA for your license. Voilà- you can open canisters. It takes about a grand and 4 months to get through it all.
No certifications needed to mold testing - although I also took a mold class with ESA. then buy an air sampler kit for around $300.00 and find a lab you like