More than 100 inspectors attended tonight's Toronto InspectorBoost seminar.

Congrats. They will only get bigger and better as time goes on. Job well done.

Thanks Nick for your expertise and dedication to helping other inspectors. Lots of practical ideas that are easy to implement and budget friendly to do. Best wishes with the rest of the tour.

:eek:Although I never like traveling on the 401 I am more than happy that I made it for both Meetings. I was so glad that we all made it safe and had the same focus for OntarioAchi. We spent from just after 1 pm to all present and then had the AGM just before Nick. Len needs to do up the meeting minutes so I will leave it at that.
For those that went hunting instead I only seen one deer on the drive in and even if I bagged it there is no way it would be worth missing what we saw that night.
Nick and all Inspectors at the tour will agree He is the King of Home Inspector :neutral:marketing.:D:D:D

Thanks for the night of information Nick. Lots of great ideas for novices & pros alike.

Mike Dutka

A well planned seminar well worth the trip from Quebec. Thank you Toronto for hosting this Marketing seminar and a special thank you to interNACHI - Nick Gromicko for your tips and dedication to help all fellow inspectors.
All the best!