Most common time for an inspection

Just curious if there is any consensus on the most common time for a client to request an inspection? For example, Monday morning.

#1: Tomorrow morning;
#2: This afternoon.


When it works out good for both of you…client and inspector. I, often, would aswh enwould work best for them and look at my schedule and say okay or I have these days and these times available. It really depended on how much work I had scheduled out. But, I would try to make it work. :smile:

Depends if they are attending the inspection, and for what duration…
(The last 30 minutes, the entire inspection)???

You forgot #3: Yesterday. :wink:


Monday-Friday starting at 10 am.

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Thanks guys, even though I haven’t even started my pre licensing courses I’m already thinking (dreaming) about how I can manage my schedule. I have the ability to go part time in my current career so just trying to get a feel for what hours would mesh the best.

If you have a flexible part time schedule, how much lead time do you have to give to change it.
Otherwise, your part time work schedule are those times you are not available for inspections. It can work to your benefit; people may think you are good being in such high demand.
Don’t forget travel time.

I am flexible but like to schedule early mornings, around 9:00 am to 10:00 am. I offer Saturdays and that seems to attract a lot of customers as they do not have to take time off of work.

Thanks for the feedback. So here is my master plan, subject to evolution of course. I’ve been in my current career for a little over 15 years. I want/need to give it another 5 before I cut ties and retire completely from it. However, I’d like to start soon with a slow transition into owning my own business. Planning to take the rest of this year to really digest the 120 hours of classroom materials and maybe do some mock inspections.

Once I’m certified I’ll still stay on full time with the current job. My hours are a little unusual but might work out in the beginning when I’m still trying to get some clients. I work from 0400 until 1230 which would give me afternoons to get some inspections done. Probably keep that schedule for a year or two until, hopefully, business picks up enough that I can drop down to part time. Then I would work from 0400-0800 at the current job and have all day to focus on inspections and reports.

Eventually if the stars align I will be up and running full speed in 5 years and I can close out the chapter on the current job, focusing solely on the inspection business. Would love to pass down a viable business to my 3 young boys. I know it’s a lot of hoping and wishing but we gotta dream. Haha

Thanks for listening to me. Feels good to get in down in writing.

Welcome to the family Brett and best of luck to you this new career. To answer your question, I’m pretty flexible and try to work with my clients for the best time for both of us. Understand that they usually have only a 7 to 10 day window after agreement on a home to have the inspection. Therefore, they always want it ASAP. Also, I personally do only one inspection per day and prefer to start early in the morning-around 8 am.

These days I offer two times. 11:00 AM or 1:00 PM, I don’t sit in commuter traffic for no one anymore.


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If ya gotta work, that’s the way togo, Joe! :smile:

After 35+ yrs I’ve found the most common time for clients to call and request an inspection is 11:23am on Mondays OR 2:17pm on Fridays

Right on, I love the specificity.

That’s right about my morning and afternoon nap time!

Saturday is best for some Clients. Saturday inspections may also be my wife’s grounds for divorce. Always enjoy your comments Joseph

Yeah, Daniel, Joe is on the ball! :smile:

don’t quit your night job.

Well, only the 1st half is at night. Lol. But I don’t plan on quitting any time soon.