Most expensive shower I have inspected.

Can you count the number of shower and message heads?:smiley:
This unit also had a remote like one for your TV with personal adjustment for all users.

I thought this was going to be another Jerry Sandusky joke.

I bet you got wet testing that one.

It’s missing a hand/guard rail. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you see the remote on the vanity!

That’s a new one on me.

Me to Joe.
This unit pulls out on an angle and is attached in the basement with basic garden hose design. They have shut off valves and screw off connections.

I never seen this type of “portable” unit. However, I see large custom homes with these types of systems built in to large tiled, walk in, shower enclosures. I’ve seen showers as large as 200 sq ft with multiple heads and hydro-massage systems.

The biggest one I’ve seen included a “deluge” spa, where the user sits on a bench under a waterfall. The owner said that it pumps 150 gallons per minute over the fall. The control room had a massive pump for the recovery system, with a swimming-pool sized filter and heater.

Very nice for a stall pre-built unit.

Mirror like curved piece in the middle is the water fall feature. Very cool design but I have no idea of the price.
Any info on this unit would be nice to know.
A mere $4,599 dollars for this unit.

A house restoration/renovation after a fire that I consulted on last spring had a unit very similar to that removed by the AHJ for not being tested to any standard accepted by Canadian authorities. It was bought off the internet.

PS- I did a search on the internetb after reading the next post. One company “S&M” that make steam generatots mention the ULC/UL approval up front on the BAY page-no one else does and I couldn’t find them in one unit even after checking all referrals on the EBAY page.

looks for steam shower on EBAY.
They are on there.

No excuse to come out of that shower still dirty.

I don’t like the looks of those two brown vertical panels below the valves. I’m using that shower facing the door. And no way I’m getting into a shower labeled “S&M” without wearing a wetsuit.