Something not seen everyday.

This will have a hospital type, ceiling mounted track with lift system from the bedroom to this shower area for the disabled owner.

Looks nice! although more body sprays and a hand help unit for the person in the chair would be nice.

I’m surprised they used a wood vanity. I’m sure there will be some serious overspray, unless there is a heck of a curtain.


Suprisingly when you direct the head at the vanity it didn’t come within 3’ and this is incomplete. The builder put the head in for inspection purposes only.

He’s really conscientious about building them the best he can and it showed.
I’ve never had any reports this short.

There are more shower components and a glass wall/door that won’t be installed until after the lift system is in place.

They’re doing the unusual on this one, everything since the dirt work has been done in the order it should be.