Most Tolerant Country In The World

Canada named most tolerant country in the world.

Published Tuesday, November 3, 2015 10:23AM EST
Last Updated Tuesday, November 3, 2015 11:47AM EST

A new ranking has named Norway the most prosperous country in the world for the quality of its healthcare system, civil liberties and social fabric, while Canada has come out on top as being the most tolerant.

After measuring 142 countries across eight categories, the 2015 Prosperity Index put Norway at the top of the heap, followed by Switzerland and Denmark. In fact, Nordic and Scandinavian countries dominate the top 10 list, taking up half the spots.

For the index, analysts at the London-based think tank and charity, the Legatum Institute, ranked countries based on their economy, entrepreneurship and opportunity, governance, education, health, safety and security, personal freedom and social capital.

A scan of the top-10 list shows that the most prosperous countries – measured by income and quality of life – are found largely in the West, with the conspicuous absence of countries from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East or Africa.

Land of the free

Canada also stood out this year for being the “freest country in the world” with its tolerance of immigrants, minorities, freedom of expression and beliefs.

In fact, an overwhelming percentage of Canadians – 92 per cent – agreed that their country is a good place for immigrants, and another 94 per cent said they believe that they have the freedom to choose the course of their own lives.

Analysts also noted that Indonesia has become the fastest-rising country on the index, driven by a vibrant economy, easier internet access and improved living standards. The emerging country rose 21 places on the index over the last seven years.

As for the U.S., the country earned the dubious distinction of being the only Western country to register high levels of “state-sponsored political violence.” The events of the past year – the Baltimore protests and Ferguson unrest – pushed the country down to 33rd spot in the safety and security sub-category, making it comparable to Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador.

Here are the top 10 most prosperous countries according to the Legatum Institute:

  1. Norway

  2. Switzerland

  3. Denmark

  4. New Zealand

  5. Sweden

  6. Canada

  7. Australia

  8. Netherlands

  9. Finland

  10. Ireland

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adjective: factious

  1. relating or inclined to a state of faction.
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We’re number two: Switzerland named world’s best country in 2018, Canada 2nd | CTV News

So, what’s your point, Meathead?

Hmmm most tolerant?? It appears that your own Prime Minister isn’t very tolerant of those supposedly seeking a better life!
Are the opponents of undocumented immigration in Canada bigots too?

‘Respect our rules!’ Canada panics as thousands of illegal immigrants flee Trump’s America](

Migrants Fleeing to Canada Learn Even a Liberal Nation Has Limits

’A Country of Laws’: Canada’s Trudeau Sounds Alarm About Illegal Immigrants](

Remember, these immigrants, DOCA individuals included, must register at the border.
So America kicks them out, or sends the back to their country of ORAGIN, or worse, and allows them to travel to Canada?

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We might show up on a survey (or how many people?) as being the most tolerant, but we sure don’t go out of our way to encourage others to be as tolerant.

To censor the internet, 10 countries use Canadian filtering technology, researchers say | CBC News

"Ahmed Mansoor has been threatened, spied on, and beaten — all payback, the human rights activist believes, for his outspoken criticism of the United Arab Emirates’ numerous human rights violations, and its soaring crackdowns on dissent.

His activism ended with his arrest — but started, he has said, with the censorship of his popular online discussion forum. Experts now say it was blocked with help from Canadian technology that has repeatedly found itself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

As part of a globe-spanning investigation released Wednesday, researchers at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab say they have found fresh evidence that internet-filtering technology developed by Waterloo, Ont.-based Netsweeper is being used in 10 countries to censor access to news, religious content, LGBTQ+ resources, and political campaigns."

One wonders if the Canadian Government use that against its own citizens?