Motorola Q... any opinions?

Hey folks… I am looking at a new cell plan and leaning towards the Motoroal Q from Verizon… my daughter works for Bank of America and gets a pretty good discount from verizon on plans and accessories… I have been with USCellular for 4+ years… hard to change…

but this is a pretty good little number… :smiley:

It has windows mobile? on it which I believe Porter Valley mobile will work on… :wink:

Let me know any feelings you have with the phone or Verizon…


The small screen and tiny key-buttons could possibly slow the input speed and accuracy. I looked at one as well to reduce the number of pieces of equipment on my belt, and decided to stay with my Dell Axim.

I use InspectVue R3 software for my reports.

Check out Huge amounts of info on the Q. IMHO, the Q’s major advantage is that it is cheap. Otherwise I like Blackberrys (verizon 7130e and 8703e) and then Treos. BTW the Windows on the Q is not the same as on the Dell or Ipaqs. Check out any aps you want to run carefully.

I have The Q and I am very happy with it. Though I do not have inspection software on it yet, so I can’t comment on how that works yet.

thanks… will look into more but the website info says Windows Mobile 5.0 which is the requirement for Inspectvue mobile…

Cannot comment on the Q. But i do have service with Verizon. Around here at least their service area is great. I very very rarely lose calls. Their CS is so so, about the same as any other cellphone company. Overall I am happier with them than I was with Sprint.

My wife has a Treo with them. she has had some issues with it, locking up frequently. Getting them resolved seems to be pretty hard.