Motorola Droid

Anybody have any complaints with the Motorola Droid I have a Blackberry Tour but sick of the roller, etc.

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Anybody have any complaints with the Motorola Droid I have a Blackberry Tour but sick of the roller, etc./quotHe

Hey what about that new keyboard you ordered?

I bought a Moto Cliq Dale and when I figure out how to work it I will let you know.

Not hard Brian.
Once you start it is hard to put down.

The darn multitasking is great.

Just start going to the market and downloading apps.

What’s the difference Brian?

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Tax deduction—:smiley:

I have one and actually like it better than the iPhone. The Android market does not have as many Apps as the iPhone, but I found the phone’s interface to be better (IMHO).

The notification window is really cool as well.


I bought one today, much better than a Blackberry.

I’ve got the BlackBerry Storm. I’ve been looking at the Driod. Keep me posted Dale.

I think Dale is in love.:mrgreen:

The Droid is an excellent phone, you can even accept credit card payments. Android has come a long way.

Keyboard, better screen resolution, not sure yet on the 3G as I am on T-Mobil but we will see. I wanted to email my reports on sight and I believe this will get me there.

I have already downloaded a software update, so you should check online as to the latest software for your particular phone.

I would also recommend some sort of screen cover at the very least for protection.


I think the best feature of the DROID is you can download an app that will turn the phone into a metal detector!

They sell these at mall carts for under $20.
Leather,magnetic flap , easy pop out from underneath,clips on or goes through belt loops.

SprintPhoto_bxgwvr [1024x768].jpg

Can the Droid be wirelessly tethered to the laptop, or do you have to send the report directly from the phone?

can be tethered ,
I found an app link for just that.

but like all phones they want $$$ if they catch you.

What Condo said.

I can’t believe the difference between the Blackberry and the Droid.

Can see the screen without reading glasses, the keyboard is MUCH better, their FAST, almost instant connection to any web address, I doubt they’ll be selling many more Blackberrys.

Sweet. That could save me $60 a month. Looks like another toy for my Xmas list. . .

Jeff…mine was $150.00 after the $100.00 mail in rebate.

Verizon…I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade because I have bought every contraption known to man from Verizon in the last year, HTC, two Blackberrys, now this, but they still gave me the discount…I won’t be changing anytime soon unless they make drastic upgrades to a new Droid.

What if you drop it? Will it survive? I just got a motorola barrage. It is ok but battery life sucks even with the long life battery. I looked at the droid and black berry but I figured I would have either of them broken in less than 2 weeks.