Best cell phone for a home inspector

Well just looking to start a poll of the phones everyone uses to compliment there business.

People who call me with compliments about my business use all kind of phones. Some even use email. Some real estate salesmen have sometimes bypassed the use of a real phone, all together, and have simply used their middle finger in a dialing motion as they pull away from the house.

Strange choices when you do not list the best.
Where is EVO or are you being specific to your local carrier?

I listed android to cover all others. SO YOUR VOTE IS EVO ?

None of the above.

GZone Rock. Built to military standards for dust and water. It is a phone. I have laptops and tablets that take care of other information needs.

Wait till you pass 55 and 3rd or 4th pair of glasses. Your eyes will hate you for using those small screens and the arthritis in your thumbs will always be there. :wink: Well except for Condo. He will have an app to take care of those issues… Now if they only made female apps he would be in 7th heaven… :mrgreen:

Forget the app as I will by the premium software in that case.:cool-cat:

Im talking about receiving emails, a loud ringer and user friendly with reception. Also need to surf. Currently have an Iphone and looking to upgrade so any recommendations are appreciated.

So are you stuck with AT@T

I have the EVO. Your right they did not even list the best phone out there.

Go with the IPhone, all the rest of the phones are copycats of the IPhone. Why do you think they copied the IPhone? It remains the dominator in the market.

I vote for my BlackBerry Storm. My only other choice was the Iphone, but after seeing both in action, I’ll keep my Storm.

If you like boring, go with the IPhone. If you like to customize and personalize the phone, go with an Android OS.


Ditto. The Casio is a great PHONE. Water proof, practically indestructible.

I’m too busy earning money to answer texts about what I had for lunch and do all that other crap. And since I don’t keep up with people I don’t like on Facebook all day long, my plan thankfully does not cost $70 per month.

Wow, Blackberry didn’t even make the list.
I use mine for email, texting, Facebook, the odd web surfing and pictures, and well, as a phone :slight_smile:
My Bold 9700 keeps me happy.

With the exception of surfing, I can do all that with my old Razor :mrgreen:

If you believe in what the commercials say… The i-phone is the only phone you can talk and surf at the same time, if that’s important to you.

Not true at all as I surf and use apps while on the EVO .
Great for my on the job app that allows me to add to the Google calendar while on the phone with a client and take audio or text notes all at the same time plus you can even take pictures and add them.


That’s not what I said Bob.

Running apps and talking, or surfing and running apps, is not the same as “talking and surfing”. :roll:

I should clearify… AT&T iPhone. Isn’t EVO AT&T also? Maybe it’s an AT&T thing.

Disclaimer… based on TV commercial, not this inspectors personal observations!

I do all of the above and steer clear of AT&T

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Must be nice to live in the big city, and get coverage wherever with whoever.

In my service area (all of Minnesota) AT&T is the only provider where I get 90% coverage. The next best is Verizon with about 60%. And then Sprint at about 40%. We won’t even talk about the others.

No brainer for me… AT&T, like it or not! Funny thing, I have not had a single issue with AT&T since I switched to them about four years ago.