Move In Certified Cost

I did a forum search and didn’t find much. Other than being an InterNACHI member in good standing, what are the costs and requirements to use the move in certified logo? Do I have to use to host the reports? If so, how do they charge? I don’t feel it is necessarily going to be a smashing success here with the way our market works, but am considering using it for a bit of advertising because regardless of it woos sellers or not, it still gets my branding out there to buyers as much as anything else, with the advantage of potentially picking up a few sellers as well.


Answered in order asked:

Haha, thanks for the direct reply Nick! Too easy.

Is there a course to become Move In Certified? I’ve looked at can’t seem to find it. What do I need to do to become certified in this? Thanks!

The program is called Move In Certified (referring to the home inspected). You just need to be a NACHi member to use it. Just a regular home inspection with the marketing package of MIC.

Nick, so we need to sign up for this like we do with the buyback? Or can we just start offering it? Also how do we get the inspection report into the move in certified database?

There is no signup, just put the report in at and mark it as public.