Move In Certified flyer.

Hi Nick,

Kyle Nunnallee from Austin, TX.

Is there anything I need to do prior to doing MIC inspections other than get the signs? it appears only the green certification requires an exam, which i will be taking although I have a big client who is waiting for me to perform MIC. Signs?



Same inspection as you normally do.

Awesome, thanks Nick. I’m looking forward to marketing the heck out of this!

Correct attitude. InterNACHI makes hammers, it doesn’t swing them.

I’m doing a big pitch for MIC on 20 August for Keller Williams. I hope all goes well too.

If you need a sign email me and I’ll ship you one or two.

Posted to me today over on Active Rain…

From Webster’s…
Certified-1. Having or approved by a certificate. 2. guaranteed reliably endorsed. 3. a) legally declared insane.

So tell me Billy, are YOU going to guarantee the house?
I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. This program is as close to commiting fraud as any I’ve ever seen. As CBS news used to say, “The Fleecing of America”.

I’m wondering if NACHI will cite the 3rd defination above when they are called into court.