My first Move-In Certified

(Muhammad R. Qureshi) #1

Did my first Move-In Certified inspection.

The seller was very happy with the yard sign. I did a pre-purchase for him earlier this week and he then asked me to do a pre-listing on his current house.

Hopefully this will help them with the selling process.

Thanks NACHI for the yard signs.

(Brian S. Fox, TREC# 21068) #2

Looks good.

(Barry Adair, TREC#4563 EIFSTX#39) #3

a darn shame
not smart enough to advertise your company & not another sticker certified program

(Larry Kage, CMI) #4

Wouldn’t it be helpful to you and your company to have your company name and phone number on the sign? :slight_smile:

(Muhammad R. Qureshi) #5

Yes. I could have paid more $$ to have NACHI do a custom Move-In Certified sign for me. But I wanted to try to it first with a few generic signs to see how successful this idea is.

I am still not sure how many I am going to be doing these but yeah it would have been better with my company’s name on it.

I still think that I will get some exposure since my client might be sharing my report with other individuals (potential buyers).

Thank you

(Michael L. Marlow, CMI, TREC-22424) #6

Potential buyers should see your company information when they look at the inspection report online. I’ve done a few of these, and another one coming up Friday. Working out pretty well so far.


(Muhammad R. Qureshi) #7

Good for you.

How do you market these?

Do you use the NACHI Move-In Certified marketing flyer?


(Michael L. Marlow, CMI, TREC-22424) #8

It’s in my brochure. I also mention it to agents when I’m doing buyer inspections.