Pre listing inspection marketing

Anyone have any marketing advice and / or samples of marketing materials for promoting pre listing inspection services? I’d like to add this to my services.

Are you selling your home? It can be a difficult and long process. You want every advantage in marketing your home to prospective buyers. The best way to show that your home is a good investment is to have me perform a pre- sale Home Inspection. As an InterNACHI-certified inspector, I will thoroughly inspect your home just as I would for a buyer’s inspection. The difference is that, as a seller, you can complete repairs and improvements before you show or even list your home. A seller’s inspection helps you justify your asking price, and can help avert any last-minute re-negotiations on price or condition.


This has been discussed before. One big disadvantage to pre-listing inspections for the buyer, is they must then list all those things in the disclosure. Buyers of course are skeptical of home inspections bought by the buyer and will normally do their own inspections. Where the two reports diverge can cause all kinds of controversy. Good luck.

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