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I own a home inspection business in central NJ.- Watchman Home Inspections. I own a home in Weeki Wachee and will be relocating there in the next few months. I intend to work when I get to Florida and do not intend to make it Lowes or Home Depot. I know that there are many inspectors in Florida. There are many here in NJ, as well. I am looking for suggestions, opportunities and local wisdom. “Staying in NJ” is not the wisdom that I will listen to, :-). LOL!
Chuck Bakker

Hey Chuck. I’m down in Fort Myers and have property in Brooksville. It’s a market that’s returning in FL but your real market may be more in Tampa. I’ve seen a number of inspectors looking for hired help in Tampa via CL. It might be a good way to go initially. Get your website up and running once you pass the state required test. Mold is also on the radar especially in Florida these days… Wiki Watchee is a blast but the economy in Tampa is better.

Thanks for your input! I will check that out. Your profile says that you’re in California. Have you relocated to Fort Myers? There is a reciprocal agreement between Florida and New Jersey for licensing. I’ve already passed the national test. I am certified, by InterNACHI for wind mitigation and I need to locate someone that can take me on a couple of wind mitigation inspections to firm up my knowledge and give me a bit of experience. Know anyone that can help me out with that?

I’m in California but have property in FL
Can’t say about the reciprocal licensing but you should be able to pass the state test without any problem. In CA it’s not a requirement to be licensed. Check out CL in the greater Tampa Bay Area. I use the CL pro app that allows for searches and alerts. Best-

" Applicants must submit an application, fee and submit to a criminal background check.
Licensure by endorsement: Applicants licensed or certified in another state as a home inspector with substantially equivalent licensing requirements as in Florida may qualify for licensure by endorsement. Applicants must submit an application, fee and submit to a criminal background check."

"For licensure by endorsement, the licensure examination requirement in the other state must be substantially similar to the Florida examination requirement. Your licensure certification from the other state should include that the license was obtained by passing a proctored national, regional, state, or territorial examination. "

Talk with Sean Fogarty, he just moved here from Tennessee, he will give you honest opinions. Take all the classes you can find on the insurance inspections(esp wind mitigation) it will be a challenge. Feel free to contact me if I can help in any way.

btw, I left North Jersey 25 years ago

John is genuine and has helped me.
Can’t go wrong with him…Yep!

Thanks, gents. John, I will definitely touch base as the time draws near. I am certified by InterNACHI to perform Wind Mit inspections. I must check with “the powers that be” in Florida to see how that stands to perform these inspections. I am certified in pools, WDO (in NJ- diferent requirement in Fl), Mobile homes ( not certain if that will allow me to inspect in Fl). Is an engineering degree required for the anchoring?

If you are referring to manufactured homes…Yes.

Yes, I am refering to manufactured homes. The PC police would excouriate me! :eek:. Does the engineer do all of the inspection or is he brought in to perform only the anchorage part?

I do field inspection for a several engineers.
They have a list of items they need.
See attachment.