Moving from TN to FL - Concerns

Hello everyone,

I am just beginning the path to becoming a home inspector and I have a few questions. My family and I currently live in TN (since 2007), but we are seriously considering moving back to the Tampa Bay, FL area this summer. Wanted to get your advice on how to go about the education and licensure amidst such a move. It doesn’t seem to make sense to get licensed in TN, only to move to FL shortly after. So, is it possible to become a licensed home inspector in FL while living in TN, or would I need a FL address and drivers license. Does the TN license transfer to FL? Can or should I get liability insurance while living in TN, that would work in FL? It looks like the pre-license courses are pretty similar for each state, so I would probably just take the TN track and add to it the additional FL required courses. I greatly appreciate your advice!

Take the Nachi 120 hour courses and then take the proctored test when you get here. Get your fingerprints and background check done ahead of time too.

If you have time I recommend you get some mentoring with another inspector .
Both there and then florida.
The more trips the better the returns for you will be great .

Much info here and you can get to talk to other inspectors

The 2016 Florida Statutes
468.8314 Licensure.—
(1) The department shall license any applicant who the department certifies is qualified to practice home inspection services.
(2) The department shall certify for licensure any applicant who satisfies the requirements of s. 468.8313 and who has passed the licensing examination. The department may refuse to certify any applicant who has violated any of the provisions of s. 468.832.
(3) The department shall certify as qualified for a license by endorsement an applicant who is of good moral character as determined in s. 468.8313; holds a valid license to practice home inspection services in another state or territory of the United States, whose educational requirements are substantially equivalent to those required by this part; and has passed a national, regional, state, or territorial licensing examination that is substantially equivalent to the examination required by this part.
(4) The department shall not issue a license by endorsement to any applicant who is under investigation in another state for any act that would constitute a violation of this part or chapter 455 until such time as the investigation is complete and disciplinary proceedings have been terminated.

By the time you get all your TN Stuff done, won’t it be “Next Summer”?