Florida move

I would like very much to be contacted by a successful home inspector in the state of Florida. I am contemplating moving my inspection business to the “sunshine state” and would like to enter a dialog with an existing inspector or inspection company to gather first hand information about the biz in Florida. May contact me off the forum at: tangosierrabc@hotmail.com:slight_smile:

I would wait until the florida home inspection bill is passed this year before moving. I say this so you know what the qualifications will be.

Thanks Gary,
This has been in the works for a while and I have some loose ends to tie up so it won’t be before June or so at the earliest. If you feel like passing on more, please do. I am interested in where the market is of course and how tough it is to work in one specific area.
Here in Michigan it is the wild west with no current licensing or regulation at all. They are working on licensing but haven’t gotten it together yet.
Are there regional or county requirments to operate there now? What are the normal start-up hurdles that are in place now? We are thinking central Fl but that could change easily. I lived in St. Petersburg a number of years ago. I kinda like the gulf coast, Ft. Myers, Sarasota etc. More advice?


Fl is also the WW west. Everyone seems to be in the know about licensing but no one will post any info on the board. As of now I think the market is going to be needing more HI’s. Construction and real estate is very strong in my area of central Florida which is a little south of Orlando – I can’t speak about the rest of the state but I have heard that people are moving into this state at the rate of over 1000 a day – That also means that there are some people dying or moving out =======

In any case the winters are great and the summers are just this side of He!!

BTW I posted here rather than sending you an email as to maybe getting some other FL HI’s to replay

Come on down


Orlando is booming but yes stay on the coast.

Thank you Richard and Gary. That is the kind of information I am looking for. If anything else comes to mind that you think I should hear, please post it.

I am confused about how you operate down there. Is there some sort of county by county regulation or licensing required to work within the state. Or is it just open season like it is here?
Thanks again,

I thought about relocating to central Florida o be closer to my 2 girls and grandkids but business is booming and I don’t really want to start over but that warm winter weather is so tempting. I did a 80 year old 5 unit apt building in the freezing rain on Thursday and thought about Florida real hard.

:mrgreen::mrgreen: Gary, I see you are from Orlando :mrgreen::mrgreen:


Wait until spring and summer agian, you’ll change your mind. You know how it is. What I do is plan a vaction during the cold months to Florida, and then come back to the north where reality is. Also wait until the fall and watch all of the hurricanes blowing through. That should help you make up your mind. The Kid deal is a hard call.

Sincerely suggest that you broach the subject with your very own NACHI Legislative Committee, no doubt that all of your questions will be answered.

Tough to spit around here without hitting a home inspector, we outnumber Barbers, Bakers and we are gaining on Burger-flippers, but I am sure we can find room for a few more.:slight_smile:


You bring up a question – Some time back a map was posted on the BBof where NACHI members lived all over the USA

Do you know who did it??

I would be nice to have a blowup of that for FL – Just something nice to look at.


Is this what you are looking for ?

nachi-north-america.jpg click on map

Thank you - that is it

wonder if someone is keeping it up to date and could one zoom down to a state or city level

I have done project of the nature in the past - the main key is having the data to start with.

Once again - I don’t see any real reason for said map. Just good eye candy

Here is one idea – It would be a help in planing a meeting location for chapters - and if you were an HI from another state it might help you deside where NOT to live