MS. State exam bomb

So I finally found self-confidence enough to go and take the state exam on Monday.
I was hit with a huge Shock as a large part of the test involved insurance related questions, contract and confidential document scenarios which I never saw any info on.
I did fairly well with the building and Materials sections.
My question is where are the links and info on these areas?
Any links or help would be awesome.
I’m not gunna have this knock me down and we be trying the test again in 30days if I can get this info.
Mississippi test is 200 questions and was a BEAR!

A major part of being a home inspector is also being a business owner. If you have no business experience or knowledge, take a few classes at your local Community College.



Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like Mississippi uses the NHIE. The sections relating to running your home inspection business, client confidentiality, etc are all covered in section 8 of volume 2 of their study guides.

Keep in mind that while these books contain enough information to pass the NHIE, you should still take the advice of @jjonas if you lack prior business experience or knowledge.


You sir are correct and I appreciate the information.
I’ve thought about taking some business classes in due time.
My first course of action was to get my license and go work underneath a local contracting inspector before starting my own inspection service.

Welcome to our forum, Derek!..Enjoy! :smile: