Does anyone have the NHIE Manual for sale?

Does anyone have the NHIE manual for sale?

Where are you located? I do not have one for sale, but I have one that I could loan if you’re local.

I live in Memphis

Hi Nikki! I purchased the two volume NHIE study guides and plan to take the exam at the end of January (28th). When I pass (trying to stay positive ;), I will make you a deal on these, if you’re still looking.

If you want to start looking over similar material in the meantime, I found a link to on the NACHI FaceBook group. It’s almost 60 hours of video covering most of the same material in the NHIE manuals. Many of the images in the presentation were the exact same as what’s in the newer NHIE study guides. The videos are dated at the bottom with 2017, so some of the information might not be 100% current, but a majority of what I saw in the video appeared to match up to what was in the guides. BTW, registering for that site to access the videos was free. :slight_smile:

Good luck on your next go-around!

Awwwww that’s so sweet. The test wasn’t that bad actually. I wasn’t paying attention when I took my test.
I can pass it if you just pay attention to the question.

That is very cool of you to send me that link. I’ll def look at the video. I was a member for quite sometime. I’m a single mom and stopped me membership temp. until I pass my test. Have you already taken the test or are you taking it for the 1st time

Hi Nikki! I don’t have a manual for sale. I just wanted to say “hello” and “good luck” . I am also in the midst of studying, but I haven’t attempted the NHIE yet. I am in the Memphis area too! I am so excited to see another female inspector in the area. If there is anything I can do to provide support in real life, please let me know. I enjoy discussing all things home inspection and business start-up.

Hey Heidi,
I’m so excited to have another female inspector especially from Memphis.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. I have so much study material. The ONLY reason I didn’t pass is I didn’t pay attention when I was answering some questions. I luckily remembered a lot of the questions so I came home and figured out where I went wrong. :slight_smile:

Thank you SO much for introducing yourself. That was very cool of you!

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This will be my first (and hopefully last) attempt. I’ve been studying 1-2 hours daily and ~12 hours on the weekends since early December. More than just reviewing the material, I’m trying to learn the information for long term retention.

Initially, I was using the free NACHI exam to identify my main areas of weakness, and started my studies in those areas. I watched the videos (from the HIU link in my prior post), then reviewed the NHIE study guide and CodeCheck cards pertaining to the area I’m studying. I took the 50 question sample test on Quizlet (missed 3/50), and went through ALL of the NACHI flash cards (the ones with the associated pictures and explanations), and periodically, I’ll go through the NACHI cards on their training app, when I don’t have easy access to the giant books.

I’ve been through all the material in the test outline once, and I’m just starting through it a second time.

We have two little boys at home (2.5 and 1), and my wife has been bending over backwards to allow me isolated study time. I can imagine it would be exponentially more difficult trying to do it as a single parent. I’ve been doing a lot of my studies during the week by getting up early before the fam and staying up later after they’ve gone to bed. When there’s a will, there’s a way.

Keep at it! :slight_smile:

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I have an electronic version of a NHIE study guide from 2014 if you or anyone else is interested. PM or e-mail me through my website. Also, even though you remember a lot of the questions, the test will not be the same. The questions change every time you take it.

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Can you email me at

Thank you. I PM you on your company email.

Welcome to our forum Heidi and there are no stupid questions. So, enjoy! :smile:

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